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About iWishBag

Nepal’s favorite online service to buy international products.

Our Story

iWishBag is a revolutionary way to shop founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective; to make international shopping accessible and fast for all Nepalese. Were you dreaming of buying the latest technology or designer clothes? Dream no more, iWishBag is here to make your wish come true!

Every idea starts with a challenge. Ours was inability to buy things we needed, here in Nepal. After graduating and returning home we quickly realized we couldn’t buy that new LUNA Leadville Gordo or Patagonia Nano Puff that just came to the market. Our friends were having the same problem. And when we asked our relatives to get us the new gadget, we had to wait for six months (We don’t recommend this!). We were amazed how hard it was to find quality clothing or new technologies. What were the options?

It turns out there is no company in Nepal that delivers products from overseas. So, we started iWishBag to create the opportunity for everyone living in Nepal to buy what they want. There is nothing complicated about our service. Find the products you like and we get it delivered to your Doorsteps! We hope you will enjoy shopping with us.

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