10 Ways To Find The Best Deals On Amazon

Unsurprisingly, Amazon is the most popular shopping platform among iWishBag customers. It’s the real giant of the online shopping world and a big time and money saver for its customers. Most of the time, you will actually find your desired item on Amazon at a much cheaper price than anywhere else. And as an iWishBag customer you also get to enjoy free shipping on all products within U.S without ever having to meet Amazon’s $25 minimum purchase requirement.

It is, however, important to note that not everything that is sold on Amazon is actually owned or stocked by Amazon. The company grew very fast because it allows normal, third-party sellers to come into their marketplace and have a slice of the company’s success.

There are a lot of methods of finding amazing deals on Amazon that many of us aren’t very familiar about. But knowing a few simple tricks can help you save a good amount of money. We prepared this article to help you with these simple cost-saving tricks will take your shopping experience to a next level and help you find the best deals on Amazon. Let’s jump to it:

1. Read Product reviews

find best deals on Amazon

It is very important that you do multiple product search and read reviews. A good rule of thumb is to buy  products with the highest number of reviews in that product category. You will find that some popular products will have upwards of thousands of reviews.

2. Perform multiple searches

It is beneficial to do multiple searches before you choose your products as there are thousands of third party sellers selling the exact same product on Amazon. Although Amazon is very strict and bans anyone who sells counterfeits, it’s better to be safe than sorry when choosing a product. You will also find that the same product will have different prices depending on the seller. So, perform multiple searches to make sure you are buying authentic products  with the best possible price.

3. Check seller’s review

Be sure to check the seller’s track record before deciding to buy any item. For example, in the picture above you can see that this pair of BS1 headphones is sold by liwenxian and fulfilled by Amazon. You can click on seller’s name and their reviews before purchasing a product. It’s important to make sure that the seller has a good track-record.

4. Use Keepa, the Amazon Price Tracker

find best deals on Amazon

Keepa is a modern Amazon price tracker; elegant, efficient and easy to use. After you create a wishlist with products you want to purchase you can track the price using Keepa and purchase the item when the price drops. Keepa offers comprehensive price history graphs, price drops and availability alerts. You can install Keepa browser extension and once installed the price history graph will be displayed directly on each Amazon product page.

5. Look at Jungle Deals and Steals

There are some amazing blogs that are fully dedicated to finding the best Amazon Deals, but not many are as good as Jungle Deals and Steals. This website can not just help you find the best deals on Amazon but gives you tons of promo codes as well. You can find discount codes for categories like baby, beauty, electronics, fashion and many more through this website.

6. Check the Amazon Deal of the day

Deal of the day can feature three to five products and sometimes even more, depending on whether it’s a holiday season or not. An offer will usually only last for that day and promoted because of a scarcity of its stock. Most of time time you can find offers that are around 40% discounted than the regular price.

7. Check the Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are offered by Amazon on specific products and are put on a timer. This is just like the deals that you can find online, where the whole purpose is to make you buy immediately. However, don’t let the timer trick you, do a double check to know if they’re a legitimate bargain. You will have plenty of time to go about and do the research, so try not to be bitten by the impulse buy bug. If you are patient and vigilant enough, you can surely find the best deals on Amazon, on any given day through Lightning Deals.

8. Go to the Amazon Outlet Page

Type Amazon.com/outlet to get to this page, which offers categories to browse by percent markdown. Amazon says the Outlet is for clearance deals, overstocks and more, but I’ve found the savings to be a hit or miss.

9. Sign in to take price saving alerts from Camelcamelcamel

Camelcamelcamel has a really cool feature that you definitely should consider using. It can track the changes in prices on Amazon and you can get price alerts when the product you’re looking at goes down in price. The alerts can also be sent directly to your email so that no matter where you are, you can quickly jump on Amazon and  purchase the item for an awesome deal. Tip: you should set the price at which it will alert you, otherwise you will be getting alerts every hour!

10. Coupons, Coupons and more coupons!

There are plenty of places where you can find Amazon promo codes. They allow you to get special deals on certain items found on the Amazon database. In most cases, there will only be a select few of them and they will only apply to specific products. Unfortunately, Amazon is too big to give you sitewide promotional codes, so you’ll have to find ones that match up with your shopping interests. Here are few sites where you can find Amazon coupon codes

    • Groupon.com – Groupon is the largest coupon and deal site and they have a particular section just dedicated to Amazon products. You can find multiple coupon code for free shipping, discount on sale items and more. You have to enter the coupon code when you are checking out on Amazon.
    • Coupons.com – Coupons.com is a very popular deal site where you can find some awesome coupon codes for products sold on Amazon. You can find codes that can give you as much as 40% discount off the original price
    • Amazon coupons – Amazon Coupons lets you clip coupons in a bunch of categories, including groceries, personal care and household products. When you click on the coupon, it’s automatically added to your cart and applied when you check out. Easy peasy.

Amazon is a fantastic platform if you are looking for quality steals and deals. Amazon is one of the largest online retailers and they provide millions of products for you to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Find the best deals on Amazon and save money today!

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